Case Studies

Business Case Studies

  • A small manufacturing company increased their capacity within one week by participating in a tailored cycle time reduction process, saving $1.2 million. They redesigned their production scheduling and work-in-processes to better utilize their existing resources.

  • A family owned business reduced the amount of time it took them to produce approved kitchen designs by 56%, while reducing their scrap by 34% after participating in a custom designed sustainability process.
  • Medium sized family owned manufacturing company reduced rework, scrap, and waste in the production of pre-stressed concrete beams by creating a more efficient process for producing and communicating changes in specification drawings between sales, engineering, and production. In one week their implemented solutions generated millions of dollars in annualized savings. As importantly, because the employees were involved in creating the new process, their loyalty to the company increased resulting in fewer grievances.
  • A mid-sized manufacturing company eliminated 100% of their scrap metal by aligning with their suppliers to provide metal that fits their parts exactly rather than having to cut the parts from larger sheets of metal.
  • A manufacturing company specializing in high stress fastening application products specifically reduced work-in-progress inventory in half, reduced monthly order expedites from over 20% to below 10% and eliminated a backlog while continuing 90+% on time deliveries. Real cash was produced and the operating improvements have now given them the game changing customer growth opportunity that was identified at the time.
  • A mid-sized energy company turned an expensive problem into a profit center by redesigning how they operated their electrical repair department. By taking their excess capacity and performing repairs and services for outside companies they created a new profit center that generated over 1mm in revenue its first year. A customized cycle time reduction process was implemented over one week to create this solution.
  • Small manufacturer of electronic motors developed a strategy to implement a program to reduce operating cost and waste. They identified several core processes that were generating the greatest amount of waste and cost and a cross-functional team (operations, finance, procurement, engineering, and a supplier) successfully identified and implemented in one week a new process with their supply chain that reduced waste in one operation by 60% and generated less landfill waste.

Web development firm: The owner wanted to grow the company above the ceiling that seemed to have formed. The owner was looking to increase profit and revenue. She needed to prepare the infrastructure, staff, and resources for growth, which meant she needed to increase the proportion of larger clients and projects while evaluating her product and service offerings. In addition, she felt the need to gain some professional and personal life balance. A three-month planning process was facilitated with the owner. Upon completion of the plan, ongoing coaching was facilitated to help the client implement the plan.


  • Revenues doubled year over year
  • Profits increased year over year,
  • Consistently increased average size of clients and projects
  • Instituted an active sales program.
  • Set a new work schedule for the owner with fewer hours at the office.