About Us

To you achieve sustainable results, we customize our signature development systems to meet your goals and desired outcomes. Regardless of the needs you desire to address in your organization, each customized solution will include the following steps:

Organizational Assessment

When seeking to improve the performance of an organization, it is very helpful to conduct assessments of the current performance of the organization and its employees. Oftentimes, consultants are hired to improve performance without fully understanding the root cause of current issues preventing the organization from reaching its full potential. Using a medical reference, prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

At Catalyst Enterprises International we can assess individuals, departments, and entire companies. Our organizational and individual assessments provide a detailed objective picture of what is going on in the organization. With these tools, we pinpoint the exact issues and then develop a clear and specific plan to address them, which, in turn, moves your organization to the next level of success.

Strategy Development

What helps a good company become a great company? The answer is having a strategic business plan and executing that plan. One of the main reasons why businesses fail to move to the next level of success is lack of a strategic business plan.

At Catalyst Enterprises International, we can help you develop a plan to take your business where you want it to go. Our proven process will take you step by step through all the issues you need to consider in developing a plan for your business.

By developing a plan implementing it and updating it on a regular basis, you can achieve the results you want with confidence that you have developed a roadmap to success.


You have hired a business consultant and developed a great plan for your business, but nothing has really changed. Does this sound familiar? Many plans fail to achieve expectations because of breakdowns in implementation. Just as there is a process for developing the strategy, there is a process for implementation. However, the implementation of a plan is often overlooked.

Catalyst Enterprises International can help you implement your plan for your business. Our experience and methodologies will guide you through a comprehensive process that will make sure your organization is moving towards your goals.


It is often said that what you don’t measure, you can’t track. Without effective measurements, how do you know if you have achieved the success you wanted? Developing and implementing a measurement or tracking system is critical to assessing success.

At Catalyst Enterprises International, we can help develop specific measurement and tracking systems that will provide you the information you need to make better decisions faster. Measuring progress will help keep your company on track.